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Collection: Victoria + Albert Freestanding Bathtubs

Who is Victoria + Albert Baths?

Victoria + Albert is a British bathroom brand with a worldwide reputation for creating beautiful freestanding baths.

What are Victoria + Albert Bathtubs Made From?

Victoria + Albert has manufactured their unique material, QUARRYCAST™, a patented material made from Volcanic Limestone™ and high-performance resins. QUARRYCAST™ has a unique handcrafted blend which ensures exceptional strength, durability, and beauty.

The glossy white surface is resistant to hair dyes and bath oils. QUARRYCAST™ is twice as hard as acrylic and doesn't creak or flex. Its warmth and outstanding insulating properties keep your bath water warmer for longer. Cleaning is a breeze due to the naturally glossy surface.

What Style of Bathtubs Do Victoria & Albert Make?

Victoria + Albert has expertly crafted a collection of traditional freestanding bathtubs replicating the unique classic designs of the claw-foot bathtub or roll-top bath. Alongside their traditional offering, Bilden Home & Hardware Market is also proud to offer their collection of contemporary designs, resulting in a unique offering to suit all bathroom interiors.

Are Victoria + Albert Baths High Quality?

Victoria + Albert QUARRYCAST™ products are guaranteed for residential use for 25 years, which represents their dedication and confidence in producing the finest bathtubs available.

Where Are Victoria + Albert Baths Made?

Victoria + Albert Baths has become one of the world's most innovative bathtub developers and market leaders within the freestanding bath market. From their very first bathtub up until the current day, Victoria + Albert has produced their bathtubs in South Africa, focussing on quality artistry in the very best conditions.

What Colours Can Victoria + Albert Bathtubs Be Finished In?

Bilden Home & Hardware Market offer bespoke colours that match any RAL colour to suit your preferences, resulting in unlimited colour options for your bathtub

For more information or to request a consultation, please email us at hello@bildenhome.com. Our sales team will happily assist you in creating the perfect freestanding bath for your interior projects.

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