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Collection: Engineered Wood Flooring | Hand Aged Flooring | Natural Wood Flooring

Discover the timeless sophistication of natural wood flooring from Bilden and The Main Company's Engineered Wood Flooring collection. Unveiling an exquisite blend of craftsmanship and innovation, their family-run natural wood flooring business, based in North Yorkshire, takes pride in delivering unparalleled quality.

Is Engineered Flooring Better Than Solid Wood?

Engineered Wood Flooring is a durable and stylish alternative to traditional solid wood, boasting a construction method that merges cut oak lamellas with sustainable, emission-friendly (EC1) birch plywood through a cold-pressing process. This meticulous engineering renders the boards up to 80% more stable than solid oak, making them ideal for spaces equipped with underfloor heating systems and high traffic.

What Patterns Can Engineered Wood Flooring Be Used?

Our comprehensive collection caters to diverse tastes, offering options such as hand-aged, parquet, and plank wood flooring. The Hand-Aged Wood Flooring, a favourite for high-quality property renovations, undergoes meticulous craftsmanship to achieve a distinct distressed and rustic finish, accentuating the wood's character and patina.

Engineered wood flooring elevates your interior with the timeless design patterns of parquet flooring, ranging from the ever-popular herringbone style to the luxury of Versailles Panels. The Main Company offers the flexibility to customise flooring according to your specifications, ensuring a bespoke finish for your project.

Who Makes The Best Engineered Wood Flooring?

As one of the few companies crafting reclaimed engineered flooring in the UK, The Main Company salvages wood from historic buildings, each narrating a unique story. Choose from Weathered Barn Oak for a sun-soaked aesthetic, or delve into the Reclaimed Heritage Oak range, reflecting their commitment to sustainability.

Manufactured in-house, The Main Company is a premier supplier of reclaimed timber in the UK, earning a well-established reputation for delivering hand-aged and bespoke flooring to commercial and residential markets. Their ethically sourced and meticulously finished oak floors exude grandeur, character, and promise enduring quality that will last years. Embrace sustainability without compromising style with The Main Company's Engineered Wood Flooring collection.

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