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The Poured Project

Concrete Freestanding Bathtub

Concrete Freestanding Bathtub

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Please feel free to contact a sales team member to help you complete your order by phone or email:, +44 7500663224

Shipping & Returns

Shipping | £250.00

Delivery | 6 weeks from the date of order. Some styles are in stock. If you require a quicker turnaround, please do not hesitate to contact us at

The Poured Project have made their delivery boxes by hand from waste from a local company. We also offer a collection service to collect our packaging once it is no longer needed.

Dimensions & Specifications

Longest Length | 1707mm
Shortest Length | 1263mm (with plinth 1270mm)
Height | 500mm
Width | 800mm
Plinth Height | 100mm (available with or without)
Weight | 170kg

Available in bespoke sizes, please contact us directly for a consultation


91% waste and recycled materials, and the remaining 8.5% use products with a minimal carbon footprint from UK suppliers. All products are circular economy products, high quality and long-lasting that don't cost the planet.

The Poured Project use high-density concrete created on-site in their family-run dedicated workshop. The Poured Project uses locally sourced recycled aggregates and selects specialist chemicals, creating a unique mix made using 91% recycled materials, diverting them from landfills and reducing our CO2

The Poured Project's concrete is naturally water and stain-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. It can also be poured and cured at a depth of less than 10mm, which makes the design process extraordinarily versatile.

Care Instructions

We recommend that you use mild non abrasive cleaners, spray and wipe down with a damp cloth or sponge. Remove all standing water, liquids and chemicals. If you do manage to damage 1 of our products please get in touch as we can send out repair kits or arrange a visit if you prefer. For the worktops we advise not to put hot pans/oven trays directly onto the top as this can weaken the lacquer which can’t always be repaired or removed.

Download Specification

Concrete Freestanding Bathtub, The Poured Project creates our unique concrete basins and bathtubs for use in both residential and commercial interiors. Each bath is handcrafted in Yorkshire by a family-run team of concrete casting experts.

Concrete is extremely durable and has a raw beauty akin to genuine stone. Our concrete bathtubs are available in a variety of colours that may be mixed with various pigments; upon request, bespoke colour solutions are also available. Using the finest materials sourced from local vendors, our skilled artisans have transformed the production of concrete into a craft.

The Poured Project concrete bathtubs are built entirely by hand. High-density concrete is produced on-site in a specialised workshop using crushed granite and specific polymers.

The concrete used in the collection has a built-in resistance to water stains and can withstand extreme temperatures. Our concrete bathtubs don't require polishing and have a flawless finish. Each pour may have a different tint because of our materials' properties.

Concrete baths offer numerous benefits that enhance your bathing experience and add elegance and an interesting design feature to your bathroom. Our handmade freestanding concrete baths are durable and retain heat exceptionally well

Concrete bathtubs provide excellent comfort and support with their unique raised backrests. These stand alone tubs cradle your body, allowing you to recline and relax comfortably. The high backrest also supports your neck and shoulders, perfect for a long and soothing soak.

Are concrete baths durable? The concrete bathtubs available from Bilden are durable and sturdy. They are built to last and withstand heavy use over time. The solid construction ensures a robust and long-lasting addition to your bathroom.

Discover the manufacturing process and durability of our concrete bathtubs.

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