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Collection: The Poured Project

The Poured Project creates a collection of unique concrete basins and freestanding concrete baths for use in both residential and commercial interiors. Each basin and bath is handcrafted in Yorkshire by a small, family-run team of concrete casting experts.

The Poured Projects concrete basins and bathtubs are built entirely by hand. High-density concrete is produced on-site in a specialised workshop using crushed granite and specific polymers.

The concrete used in The Poured Project collection has a built-in resistance to water stains and can withstand extreme temperatures. The Poured Projects concrete sinks and concrete freestanding bathtubs don't require polishing and have a flawless finish. Each pour may have a different tint because of our materials' properties.

The Poured Project use high-density concrete created on-site in their family-run dedicated workshop. The Poured Project uses locally sourced recycled aggregates and selects specialist chemicals, creating a unique mix made using 91% recycled materials, diverting them from landfills and reducing our CO2 emissions.

The Poured Project's concrete is naturally water and stain-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. It can also be poured and cured at a depth of less than 10mm, which makes the design process extraordinarily versatile.