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Collection: The Main Company

In the picturesque landscapes of rural North Yorkshire, The Main Company has emerged as a leader in bespoke kitchens, inspiring how we perceive kitchens, furniture, and flooring in contemporary lifestyles using traditional materials and methods. Established in 1978 by Karan and Chris Main, this family-run business has transcended trends, establishing a unique aesthetic, setting high standards, and consistently pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship and design. With the addition of sons Alex and Tom in 2004, The Main Company has evolved into a preeminent force in the kitchen joinery industry, cornering a unique space in the industry.

Who Is The Main Company?

Since the seventies, The Main Company has been synonymous with crafting highly individual bespoke kitchens, each a testament to the family's dedication to personality and unique style. The transformation from The Main Pine Company to encompass a broader range of offerings, including standard and unique furniture designs, engineered and reclaimed flooring, and wood cladding, reflects the dynamic nature of the business.

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