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Washed Charcoal Oak Flooring | Engineered Oak Wood Floor

Washed Charcoal Oak Flooring | Engineered Oak Wood Floor

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Shipping & Returns

Lead time | 8-10 weeks from order.
Shipping | £210.00
Minimum Order | 10m2

Dimensions & Specifications

Depth | Engineered: 20.5mm (+/-0.5mm)
Width | 180, 220, 280mm
Length | 400mm – 2450mm
(max 2950mm upon request & quote)
Average Length | 1800mm


Grade | Rustic ABC
Surface | Weathered
Application | Commercial & Residential
Construction | Engineered: 5.5 mm (+/-0.5mm)/15mm
Edges | Micro Bevel - Brushed
Installation | Glue, Secret Nail & Floated
UFH | Yes
Finish | Oiled
Shine | Natural Matte
Species | Oak

Please note: that as this is a natural product the colour, grain knots and markings will vary from batch to batch, as well as from one plank to another, making The Main Company’s flooring a truly unique natural product.

Care Instructions

Maintenance | Environmental conditions

- Ensure the relative humidity is kept as consistent as possible and lies between 40%-60%
- Room temperature should be between 18- 22 degrees, with the floor's surface temperature never exceeding 27 degrees over UFH.
- Rugs can create heat spots when used with underfloor heating, damaging the flooring.
- Flooring not exposed to the same light conditions as other areas will adjust in colour differently over time.
- Use a hoover or dry micro fibre mop for general floor cleaning.
- Clean every 4 weeks with a damp mop & diluted maintenance products as advised in your specific flooring product guide. Ensure the floor is free of dirt before using the maintenance system.
- Never use a steam cleaner, household cleaners OR excessive water on a timber floor as it will quickly deteriorate or damage the surface protection.


- Clean up any spillage as soon as possible to avoid stains on the surface.
- If a stain does appear, a few maintenance products and tips are available in the specific flooring product guide, which may help remove the unwanted stain.
- Scratches and dents will appear throughout a floor's lifetime; in the first instance, this can be alarming, but as your floor gets older, it will gain its patina crafted by nature once again.
- Information on specific maintenance coats can be found in the flooring product guide. If you are unsure, please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

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Discover the sophistication of The Main Company's Washed Charcoal Oak Flooring—an exquisite choice for creating a luxurious interior. The Main company's engineered wood flooring is crafted from rustic grade oak, compatible with underfloor heating, ensuring warmth during the colder months. The natural oil finish accentuates the wood's inherent matte shine, adding to its overall appeal.

Washed Charcoal Oak Flooring boasts a deeper tone, subtly coloured and brushed to achieve a natural, darker, rustic appearance. As a staple in bespoke interior projects, each plank is unique, guaranteeing a distinctive finish for any commercial or residential space.

The weathered surface, micro bevel edges, and brushed finish contribute to the flooring's character. Engineered with a 5.5mm (+/-0.5mm) oak veneer on a 15mm base, it strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and durability. Installation is easy with glue, secret nails, and floating methods.

Experience versatility with width options—180mm, 220mm, and 280mm—and lengths ranging from 400mm to 2450mm. The engineered depth of 20.5mm (+/-0.5mm) guarantees stability and longevity, making Washed Charcoal Oak Flooring a practical and luxurious choice.

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