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Collection: Houseof

Houseof specialises in creatively engineered lights but is much more than a lighting company. We like to think that the world would be better if we treated the planet a little more like it was our home. So, we strive to change the world one light at a time and build a community of like-minded people who share our values.

Houseof is a climate-neutral company that offsets all employee emissions by planting trees with their partner ecologi.

They are drastically reducing their production emissions, but carbon reduction projects around the world offset any unavoidable through their partner, South Pole. They also offset your usage emissions for 10 years. Which makes them pretty cool lights.

Houseof has produced a collection of playful and functional lighting designs. From the 19070s-inspired Italian chandeliers to brass wall diffusers, Houseof has a lighting collection that can illuminate all kinds of interiors, from contemporary homes to chic hospitality environments. 

The climate friendly lighting company. Carbon neutral cool lighting.