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Alexander & Wilks

Reeded Stepped Cupboard Knob

Reeded Stepped Cupboard Knob

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The Reeded Cupboard Knob from Alexander and Wilks is a beautiful example of how reeding can elevate the design of a simple cupboard knob. The reeded pattern on the solid brass knob adds texture and depth to the piece, creating a tactile and visually exciting design.

Initially developed for industrial purposes, reeding has become a popular design feature in traditional and contemporary interior design. It is a decorative process that involves creating a pattern of vertical ridges on the surface of an object. Reeding not only adds a beautiful texture but also enhances the grip and durability of the object, making it an ideal choice for cabinet hardware.

The Reeded Cupboard Knob is available in various finishes, from classic Antique Brass and Polished Nickel to contemporary Satin Brass PVD and Satin Nickel. It is also available in two sizes to suit a variety of cupboard doors and drawers. Also available the Knurled Cupboard Knob if you are looking for alternative design finishes. 

Add a touch of sophistication to your kitcen cabinets or wardrobes with the beautiful Reeded Cupboard Knob from Alexander and Wilks. Alexander & Wilks is renowned for producing high-quality architectural hardware and ironmongery, and the Reeded Cupboard Knob is no exception. It is supplied in singles complete with fixings, making it easy to install, and comes with a 25-year guarantee.


Solid Brass

Shipping & Returns

Delivery of our hardware product range from Alexander & Wilks is usually within 5 days.

We accept returns witin 14 days providing the product is returned in it’s orginal packaging and in perfect condition (or in the condition it was received in). The customer is responsible for shipping charges on all returned items.


29mm Knob
Knob Diameter | 29mm
Projection | 34.5mm

35mm Knob
Knob Diameter | 35mm
Projection | 34.5mm

Care Instructions

We prefer that materials age gracefully rather than polish them. That is, however, our personal preference. To eliminate discoloration, use a polish made exclusively for brass, such as Brasso. Use a gentle cleaning cloth to apply it according to the directions on the bottle (Our preference is a knit-cotton material). Wash the brass with warm water and mild dish soap before beginning to polish it. Apply the soapy water with a soft, moist cloth and clean it until all debris and dust is gone.

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