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Discover How The Main Company Bring Their Bespoke Kitchens To Life.

We are exploring behind the scenes at The Main Company, learning how they create their bespoke kitchens and where they bring their designs to life.

What first attracted you to working with natural engineered wood and bespoke joinery, and how did that lead you to create your first products/range?

Working on creating bespoke joinery was an answer to customer demand. We often received rough drawings with embryonic ideas, which we would help turn into workable plans and final construction. Bespoke joinery is about personalising living space and being unique, fitting the desired design without the limitations of only choosing from a standard range.

Engineered wood in our workplace falls into two main categories: hand-aged using new oak engineered flooring as a base and reclaimed wood processed into veneer and then processed into engineered boards. The range of reclaimed engineered oak and pine flooring came about from the realisation that there was a huge gap in the marketplace for a flooring product that looked original but had the stability of the engineering.

Did it come naturally to you, or was there training you needed to hone your craft? What is the team's background, and was there any crossover between the industry you worked in before you launched TheMain Company?

Our directors received no previous training; they have an eye for what looks good, having worked with original furniture and wood for a long time. 

Were there any influential product designers or other makers that inspired your aesthetic?

When we created our first furniture range around 30 years ago, we reproduced similar proportions and lines to the original antiques we had in the showrooms; if you knew you would be sorry to sell an item, the best thing to do was reproduce the same thing. It is safe to say there are fantastic designs from all periods and countries, Georgian to Shaker, vintage Irish to cool contemporary.

Do you find there is a community among other flooring suppliers and joinery brands?

There is a community amongst them; specific processes are individual, but there is undoubtedly a comradery, for example, at Trade Shows where those known in the market will share stories.

Can you talk us through the process from idea and consultation to design and realisation?

Estimate: We provide estimations from plans (your own/architect's) or initial site visits. 

Design/CAD: If the estimation is of interest, we will proceed with 3D visuals and a detailed quotation. - There is still no obligation (or charge) to proceed with the design, though the design remains the property of The Main Company. 

Deposit: Once you are happy with your design, a 30% deposit is required to proceed. Site Measure (if required) - Once the space is ready for the final measure, a representative will confirm all measurements. 

Sign-Off: We provide detailed elevations, plans, and unit breakdowns before your kitchen goes into production, which needs to be signed off to confirm everything is as discussed. 

Production: Once all details are confirmed, your kitchen will enter production, when the 8-10-week lead time will start. 

Fitting: We will require the interim payment once a fitting date is confirmed. Fitting can take anywhere from two days to two weeks, depending on your project size. Your project manager can advise you on this. We fit stone, granite, quartz or concrete worktops up to two weeks after installation. 

After Care: A site visit is arranged with your project manager to check everything is as it should be.

Do you have a picture in mind of the design before you start, or does a customer lead that?

Both scenarios happen; some clients will have created a Pinterest board and put a file together with colour swathes, and others will fall in love with a kitchen in our showrooms and want to have that replicated in their homes. We constantly hear, 'Oh, can I just move into your showrooms?'!

How would you define your aesthetic?

Knowing how stunning the results will be, our finished products and projects are a pleasure to create. Durability and functionality, outstanding craftsmanship, and professional finish mean the clients are happy to recommend us and comment on the pleasure of living in the spaces we have helped create.

Do you work with multiple materials, or are you mainly focused on specific components? What is the process of selecting those materials?

We work with multiple materials; this can set the project apart, bringing a massive wow factor. We have a vast store of reclaimed wood to choose from, and we have sourced aged metal suppliers and metal engineers who can make anything from our CAD drawings. We also use different mirror effects, concrete finishes and paint finishes. We have made some stunning installations with curves using a variety of woods and other finishes. We supply the client with samples before we commit, and the end product is always a winner.

Where do you bring your creations to life? Do you have a workshop?

We have large workshops in North Yorkshire, one mainly for installation and furniture production and another for engineered flooring. We are a phoenix from the ashes, as we burnt down 24 years ago.

Do you have a favourite product/style to make?

No, but what is fantastic is the variety we are involved in, as each project is different and unique, so each creation is new and interesting.

Do you have a picture of the interior styles The Main Company is suited for, or is it quite varied?

It is incredibly varied; look at our website ( One of our USPs is just that: we create your unique bespoke kitchen.

What are the benefits of working with reclaimed materials to the end-user? What are the positive environmental impacts?

Selecting suitable materials is pivotal in sustainable kitchen design. Choose cabinets, countertops, and flooring made from durable and renewable resources. Bamboo, reclaimed wood, recycled glass, and stainless steel are excellent choices that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and contribute to a healthier planet. With over four decades of expertise in supplying reclaimed wood, we assure you of the highest quality and unmatched service. Our extensive experience sets us apart, and we are committed to delivering the best products to meet your needs while being sustainable.

What are the main benefits for the end user of engineered wood?

Sustainability with a product which is sympathetic to its surroundings and very gentle on the eye; engineered reclaimed flooring is incredibly stable.

What makes The Main Company better than their competitors? Why are its flooring and cladding better than those on the market?

We have a lot of experience, having worked in the market for the last 45 years; we have enjoyed various original furniture and reclaimed materials going through the workshops. We have worked on serious projects, from small cottages to massive castles. We have an incredible workforce, many of whom have been with us for years. There are no problems in our workshops; there are only solutions. Architects and designers choose our cladding and flooring products as the 'go-to' products. Our reclaimed engineered flooring looks original, and our hand-aged products are often mistaken for old and authentic. The Main Company is now a nationally recognised brand.

Discover our collection of engineered wood flooring from The Main Company here.

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