A wooden kitchen island in a contemporary style kitchen with wooden beams and bespoke kitchen joinery.

The Main Company: Crafting Timeless Bespoke Kitchens for Over Four Decades

In the picturesque landscapes of rural North Yorkshire, The Main Company has emerged as a leader in bespoke kitchens, inspiring how we perceive kitchens, furniture, and flooring in contemporary lifestyles using traditional materials and methods. Established in 1978 by Karan and Chris Main, this family-run business has transcended trends, establishing a unique aesthetic, setting high standards, and consistently pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship and design. With the addition of sons Alex and Tom in 2004, The Main Company has evolved into a preeminent force in the kitchen joinery industry, cornering a unique space in the industry.

Who Is The Main Company?

Since the seventies, The Main Company has been synonymous with crafting highly individual bespoke kitchens, each a testament to the family's dedication to personality and unique style. The transformation from The Main Pine Company to encompass a broader range of offerings, including standard and unique furniture designs, engineered and reclaimed flooring, and wood cladding, reflects the dynamic nature of the business.

What Are The Benefits of Having A Bespoke Kitchen?

At the heart of The Main Company's ethos is the use of natural materials, notably reclaimed timber aged over a century, instilling kitchens with character and charm that only an aged and weathered material can provide. Their bespoke approach ensures each kitchen is uniquely tailored to individual tastes, ideas, and lifestyles. The Main Company's master artisans in North Yorkshire meticulously handcraft every project, seamlessly merging traditional and modern designs.

Bespoke kitchen joinery and wood clad wall

Where Can I Find Bespoke Kitchens & Natural Wood Flooring?

The Main Company's commitment to bespoke joinery extends beyond kitchens. Their natural wood-engineered flooring and cladding complement the offerings, providing a perfect partnership for their cabinetry. From furniture and flooring to wall cladding and sliding barn doors, The Main Company's expertise enriches every facet of interior design.

Is Wood Cladding A Good Idea?

Wood cladding, a longstanding architectural feature, holds a special place in The Main Company's portfolio. The Main Company's design aesthetic has instilled a compelling reason why wood cladding is not just a design choice but a sustainable and enduring investment. Wood cladding emerges as a multifaceted and eco-conscious choice from rustic, unfussy, calming aesthetics to versatility in design, sustainability, natural insulation, durability, and health benefits.

Wooden glad living room in a rustic property renovation

What Are The Differences Between Engineered & Reclaimed Flooring?

The Main Company's commitment to sustainability is further exemplified in its extensive collection of engineered reclaimed flooring. As one of the largest suppliers of reclaimed timber in the UK, the family-run business offers a range of finishes to complement different living environments and personal styles. Bilden is excited to offer various categories of flooring, including Engineered Wood Flooring, Hand-Aged Wood Flooring, Parquet Wood Flooring, Plank Wood Flooring, Reclaimed Wood Flooring, and Solid Wood Flooring.

The Main Company Specialises In Residential & Commercial Renovations

The Main Company's specialises in residential and commercial projects, including restaurants, hospitality, and commercial kitchens. Projects with well-known chains like Nando's and Pizza Union and independent restaurants such as Manteca in Shoreditch, East London, showcase the versatility of their reclaimed materials in creating robust and timeless commercial spaces. The Main Company's ability to weave existing features into its designs and work on unique projects like a pop-up oyster bar and shopping mall deli counter underscores its expertise.

Manteca restaurant in Shoreditch

Artisanal Kitchen Joinery

The Main Company's dedication to craftsmanship is a recurring theme. From onsite kilns ensuring proper drying to state-of-the-art machinery allowing compatibility with underfloor heating, every step is taken to deliver custom-made designs that stand the test of time.

Where Do The Main Company Engineer Their Flooring & Kitchen Joinery?

The Main Company's 20,000-square-foot showroom and workshops give customers a glimpse into the physical manifestation of the family's dedication to high-end bespoke joinery. These spaces have witnessed the evolution and growth of the business, showcasing the knowledge and ideas built up over four decades.

The Main Company provides a personal touch with all its materials and projects. Their awareness of sustainability and eco-conscious materials in design reinforces The Main Company's commitment to responsible practices, giving perspective on reclaimed wood as an option that considers both the environment and introduces a charming finish, adding a talking point to your kitchens and flooring.

The Main Company emerges as a business and custodian of bespoke elegance, weaving together tradition, modernity, sustainability and sophistication. With a legacy of over four decades, The Main Company continues to set the standard for bespoke interiors, leaving an indelible imprint on the industry and inspiring a new generation of artisans and designers.

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