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We Discuss Mid-century Furniture Design with Meola Interiors

Celebrating mid-century furniture design and Meola Interiors on Bilden Home: Interview with the Design Team

Introduction: Exploring Inspiration and Artisanal Process

We spoke with the team behind Meola Interiors, the creators of mid-century-inspired furniture, to discuss their inspiration and artistic methods.

Discovering Burl Wood and Creating the First Range

Bilden: What attracted you to burl wood and developing mid-century-inspired furniture? How did it lead to your first range?

Meola: Burl wood's captivating beauty and mid-century design caught our attention. Intricate patterns and rich textures sparked our imagination, inspiring us to create mid-century-inspired furniture. We aimed to blend timeless mid-century appeal with burl wood's unique charm, resulting in an elegant fusion of style and craftsmanship for our first range.

Starting a Mid-Century-Inspired Furniture Brand: The Source of Inspiration

Bilden: What inspired you to start a mid-century-inspired furniture brand?

Meola: We wanted to infuse modern interiors with sophistication and nostalgia. The clean lines, organic forms, and functional beauty of mid-century design deeply resonated with us. We wanted to share that passion by crafting furniture that embodies the essence of this iconic era.

Craftsmanship and Training: Honing the Artisanal Craft

Bilden: Did you receive training to refine your craft? What is the team's background, and was there any crossover from your previous industry?

Meola: Crafting furniture came naturally, fueled by our love for design and dedication to our craft. While we didn't have formal training, we honed our skills through hands-on experience and a deep understanding of materials. Our team consists of artisans and designers with diverse backgrounds. Before Meola Interiors, we worked in the antique industry, which provided a solid foundation for transitioning to burl wood furniture.

Influential Artists and Makers: Shaping the Meola Style

Bilden: Were there influential artists or makers using burl wood who inspired your style?

Meola: When defining our style, we drew inspiration from influential artists and makers who created extraordinary pieces with burl wood. Their innovative approaches, attention to detail, and ability to showcase the material's natural beauty inspired us to push the boundaries of our designs. We sought to pay homage to their artistic contributions while infusing our distinct flair into our creations.

Building a Community Among Designers and Artisans

Bilden: Are other designers or artisans working with similar materials your peers? Is there a community among other brands?

Meola: In furniture design, we find a vibrant community of designers and artisans passionate about creating exceptional pieces with unique materials. While we consider ourselves peers with those working with similar materials, we also celebrate the diversity and individuality each brand brings. We grow and inspire one another through community and mutual appreciation.

From Idea to Realisation: Unveiling the Process

Bilden: Can you explain the process from idea to design and realization?

Meola: Our design process begins with an idea sparked by influences from architecture to natural forms. We explore, sketch, and refine until the idea takes shape. Meticulous attention to detail guides our design refinement, considering functionality, aesthetics, and the inherent beauty of burl wood. Skilled artisans then bring the design to life, using traditional and modern methods to create the final piece.

Defining Aesthetic and Design Development

Bilden: Did you have a specific design in mind before starting, or did it evolve organically? How would you define your aesthetic?

Meola: Our approach balances envisioning the desired silhouette with organic creative evolution. While we may have a general idea, we embrace the fluidity of the design journey. Our aesthetic harmoniously blends timeless elegance and contemporary refinement. The integration of mid-century influences and burl wood's allure defines our distinct style.

Bilden has a complete collection of Meola Interiors burl wood mid-century designs. Ranging from Bookshelves to bedside tables, elegant bent-leg coffee tables to tall chests of drawers.

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