Terracotta tiles in Moroccan inspired interior

Rich & Earthy Tones In Tile Design

Earth Tones Take Centre Stage in Tile Design.

When it comes to interior design trends, there's a timeless quality to earthy tones that never goes out of style. The Trend in earthy tones in tile design has gained even more momentum in recent years, showing no signs of slowing down. Inspired by the natural world and soft landscapes, these colours bring a rustic and earthen depth to your living spaces. Let's delve into the captivating world of earthy tile designs.

Timeless Terracotta

One standout shade in this rich and earthy palette is terracotta. This gorgeous orange tone draws inspiration from deep-orange Moroccan and North African-style tiles. Warm terracotta hues are enjoying their moment in the spotlight, and classic tiles in this warmly inviting colour are the perfect fit. Another timeless choice is natural terracotta, and at Bilden, we offer a selection of handmade terracotta tiles in different shapes, from metro tiles to hexagonal floor and wall tiles. We see them as a blank canvas, ready to transform your space.

Darker Shades for a Bold Statement

As we move into the Autumn months, we predict that this earthy palette will evolve by introducing more profound, enriched tones. Picture dark chocolate, oxblood, and worn-out reds and rusts that are excellent for showcasing on a fireplace or in a conservatory. These reddish browns and deep purple-browns can envelop entire spaces, infusing them with the essence of the natural world. These darker hues radiate warmth and welcome with even more vigour and energy than their muted counterparts.

Accent Colors for Subtle Sophistication

For those who prefer a more muted take on the richer red and brown tones, consider dialling it down a notch to a washed-out leather with a hint of mauve. This subdued approach adds an element of sophistication to your design. Experiment with unexpected accent colours if you aim for a more pared-back look but still want to infuse energy. At Bilden, we love incorporating pieces in red to breathe freshness into the rustic palette.

To create a cohesive look that embodies the essence of earthy tones, combine raw materials and textures. Terracotta tiles, reclaimed wood, soft browns, and organic tones create a natural, relaxed, and effortless ambience in any interior. This harmonious blend of colours and materials makes your home feel like a sanctuary, connecting you to the natural world while offering comfort and style.

In conclusion, earthy tones in tile design are not just a passing trend; they're a timeless choice that continues to captivate and inspire. Whether you opt for warm terracotta, darker shades, or unexpected accent colours, these earthy tones infuse your space with a sense of harmony, warmth, and sophistication. At Bilden Home & Hardware Market, we're here to help you bring these beautiful earthy tones into your home, simplifying the renovation process and enhancing your interior design journey.

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