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Be Still

Nut & Black Tall Pot

Nut & Black Tall Pot

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Nut & Black Tall Pot, Be Still ceramics designer Sarah Maingot handcrafted our collection of Vases. Every vase, pot and vessel is handmade in a charming Victorian lean-to greenhouse that has been transformed into a workshop. The Be Still collection, inspired by artist Paul Phillip, has created a distinct point of view with its ceramics collection. Be Still embraces an experimental approach, allowing its collection to develop its unique character. Our Pots are created with clay, stone, grain, and chalk for an organic, earthen texture. Each item is handcrafted, giving each piece a distinct individuality. There will never be two alike. The Nut & Black Tall Pot is internally glazed allowing it to hold water.



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Height | 11”
Width | 7”
Weight | 6.5lb

Care Instructions

We recommend lightly dusting from time to time.

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