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Glass Ball Mortice Door Knob

Glass Ball Mortice Door Knob

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Clear Glass Ball Mortice Knob is a true masterpiece that effortlessly enhances the grandeur of any interior adorned with elegant designs.

Imbued with a sense of refinement, the Naomi Clear Glass Ball Mortice Knob embodies the essence of luxury. Meticulously crafted from clear glass, this knob exudes a captivating allure, effortlessly drawing the eye with its translucent beauty. Complemented by the radiant charm of solid brass, it is a harmonious blend of materials, evoking an atmosphere of regal elegance.

The rose, meticulously fashioned from solid brass, adds a touch of grandeur to this exquisite door knob. Available in a choice of finishes, including Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, and Satin Chrome, it allows for seamless integration with various interior aesthetics.

Alexander & Wilks proudly present the epitome of architectural hardware and ironmongery. With a commitment to excellence, we have carefully curated the Naomi Clear Glass Ball Mortice Knob to offer a truly exceptional product that transcends the ordinary, symbolizing your penchant for the extraordinary craftsmanship.

To ensure the utmost convenience and effortless installation, the Naomi Clear Glass Ball Mortice Knob is supplied in PAIRS, accompanied by meticulously crafted fixings. Every detail has been considered, allowing you to embark on a journey of refined luxury with ease. We offer a wide selection of Mortice Door Handles including the Hammered Brass Mortice Door Knob.



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We accept returns witin 14 days providing the product is returned in it’s orginal packaging and in perfect condition (or in the condition it was received in). The customer is responsible for shipping charges on all returned items.


Knob Diameter | 55mm
Rose Diameter | 70mm
Projection | 90mm

Care Instructions

We prefer that materials age gracefully rather than polish them. That is, however, our personal preference. To eliminate discoloration, use a polish made exclusively for brass, such as Brasso. Use a gentle cleaning cloth to apply it according to the directions on the bottle (Our preference is a knit-cotton material). Wash the brass with warm water and mild dish soap before beginning to polish it. Apply the soapy water with a soft, moist cloth and clean it until all debris and dust is gone.

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