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Fluted Bell Glass Pendant Light

Fluted Bell Glass Pendant Light

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The Fluted Bell Glass pendant Light exudes beautiful French chic and was traditionally used as the lighting for provincial France's bistros, bars and public spaces in the early 1900s. The D'Arblay petite fluted bell has a glass prism that optimises your interior's illumination without casting shadows or glare. Ideal for rooms requiring an elegant aesthetic as well as strong working lights. This modest ceiling light looks spectacular when hung in a row of multiples over a kitchen worktop, dining table, or above bedside cabinets for use as reading lights or in a commercial setting illuminating a chic bar or hallway in a hotel. Finished with a lacquered solid antique brass cap, this stunning pendant light has a timeless charm to complement any stylish interior. Our solid aged brass delivers a beautifully understated and muted old brass tone with a matt sheen as if left to age for many years. The applied lacquer ensures that the colour and finish do not change over time, is not easily marked or scratched and does not require brass polish to retain its appearance. Designed in London by an experienced expert team of dedicated designers, then manufactured in Cornwall by skilled artisans. We offer a two-year guarantee on our glass ceiling pendant lights.

We provide bulbs separately, which are available here.


Brass & Glass

Shipping & Returns

2-4 Business Days
Guarantee | 2 Years


Width | 140mm
Height | 165mm
Fitment Type | E14

Care Instructions

We prefer that materials age gracefully rather than polish them. That is, however, our personal preference. To eliminate discoloration, use a polish made exclusively for brass, such as Brasso. Use a gentle cleaning cloth to apply it according to the directions on the bottle (Our preference is a knit-cotton material). Wash the brass with warm water and mild dish soap before beginning to polish it. Apply the soapy water with a soft, moist cloth and clean it until all debris and dust is gone.

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