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The Poured Project

Concrete Butler Sink

Concrete Butler Sink

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Wall Mounted Brackets

Please feel free to contact a sales team member to help you complete your order by phone or email., +44 7500663224

Shipping & Returns

Delivery will be made within 5-10 working days.
A specific time will be sent upon order. If you require a specific delivery date please specify in the ‘special order instructions’ section of the cart.

Dimensions & Specifications

Width | 500mm
Depth | 340mm
Height | 150mm

The majority of our Basins can be wall mounted with brackets that fit in the recess of the basins, please specify this as not all pours are done with the recess, we can also supply brackets in a variety of sizes. The Basin needs to be attached to a brick wall or a section of reinforced stud wall, this can be reinforced with a piece of ply fixed to the studs, for further advice please speak to a builder or get in touch.

Due to the handmade nature of our concrete basins, finishes and colour will vary, making every basin unique.



Care Instructions

We recommend that you use mild non abrasive cleaners, spray and wipe down with a damp cloth or sponge. Remove all standing water, liquids and chemicals. If you do manage to damage 1 of our products please get in touch as we can send out repair kits or arrange a visit if you prefer. For the worktops we advise not to put hot pans/oven trays directly onto the top as this can weaken the lacquer which can’t always be repaired or removed.

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Our custom concrete basins are manufactured by The Poured Project for use in domestic and commercial interiors. A small family-run team of specialists in concrete manufacturing makes each item by hand in Yorkshire.

The concrete butler sink is inspired by the classic enamel butler sinks used in traditional homes and interiors. The concrete butler sink and a unique hidden spillway waste making it suitable for kitchen and bathroom use. 

Concrete has a raw beauty similar to natural stone and is highly durable. Our concrete basins come in various colour options and may be blended with different pigments; custom colour options are available upon request. Our talented artisans have turned concrete construction into a craft by using the finest materials they have sourced from local suppliers.

Various concrete bathtubs and durable basins are constructed wholly by hand. Crushed granite and unique polymers are used to create high-density concrete on-site in a specialised workshop.

Are concrete sinks durable? The concrete used in The Poured Project collection has a built-in resistance to water stains and can withstand extreme temperatures. Our concrete sinks don't require polishing and have a flawless finish. Each pour may have a different tint because of our materials' properties. Due to the handmade nature of our concrete basins, finishes and colour will vary, making every basin unique.

Read about the durability of concrete basins in the Bilden Journal.

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