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The Poured Project

Concrete Freestanding Bathtub

Concrete Freestanding Bathtub

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Concrete Freestanding Bathtub, The Poured Project creates our unique concrete basins and bathtubs for use in both residential and commercial interiors. Each piece is handcrafted in Yorkshire by a small, family-run team of concrete casting experts. Concrete is extremely durable and has a raw beauty akin to genuine stone. Our concrete bathtubs are available in a variety of colours that may be mixed with various pigments; upon request, bespoke colour solutions are also available. Using the finest materials sourced from local vendors, our skilled artisans have transformed the production of concrete into a craft. Different concrete bathtubs and robust basins are built entirely by hand. High-density concrete is produced on-site in a specialised workshop using crushed granite and specific polymers. Crushed granite and unique polymers are used to create high-density concrete on-site in a specialised workshop. The concrete used in The Poured Project collection has a built-in resistance to water stains and can withstand extreme temperatures. Our concrete bathtubs don't require polishing and have a flawless finish. Each pour may have a different tint because of our materials' properties.



Shipping & Returns

Please allow 6 weeks for construction and delivery due to the handmade nature of this product. We recommend having an installer on site upon delivery. We are happy to make recommendations on installers and can connect you directly. Please feel free to contact us to arrange and if you have a specific delivery date required.


This product is bespoke and made to order, please contact us via our chat box and we can discuss size options.

Care Instructions

We recommend that you use mild non abrasive cleaners, spray and wipe down with a damp cloth or sponge. Remove all standing water, liquids and chemicals. If you do manage to damage 1 of our products please get in touch as we can send out repair kits or arrange a visit if you prefer. For the worktops we advise not to put hot pans/oven trays directly onto the top as this can weaken the lacquer which can’t always be repaired or removed.

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