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Art Deco Schoolhouse Pendant Light

Art Deco Schoolhouse Pendant Light

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Art Deco Schoolhouse Pendant Light is a stunning Glasshouse pendant that is beautiful in every way. This skillfully made Art Deco ceiling light is based on a rare historical moulding from the early 1900s. The high-quality, antique-looking glass is offered in clear glass for maximum light output and aged opaque glass for a cosier, more welcoming atmosphere. This distinctive ceiling light is available in polished brass, lacquered aged brass, or polished Nickel finished and is adorned with a finely crafted, solid brass chain and cap. The Glasshouse pendant light has a refined and timeless elegance to adorn any stylish environment and is perfect for grand hallways and foyers while maintaining its historical authenticity. Ungalvanized brass offers a chic reflected vintage finish that may occasionally be polished to retain its rich, honeyed reflective look or left to gradually patina and darken over time to a more muted and matte aged brass finish.

We provide bulbs separately, which are available here.


Brass & Glass

Shipping & Returns

2-4 Business Days
Guarantee | 2 Years


Product Size (mm)
Width | 330mm
Height | 520mm
Fitment Type | E27

Care Instructions

We prefer that materials age gracefully rather than polish them. That is, however, our personal preference. To eliminate discoloration, use a polish made exclusively for brass, such as Brasso. Use a gentle cleaning cloth to apply it according to the directions on the bottle (Our preference is a knit-cotton material). Wash the brass with warm water and mild dish soap before beginning to polish it. Apply the soapy water with a soft, moist cloth and clean it until all debris and dust is gone.

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