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Acorn Antique Brass Prismatic Pendant Light

Acorn Antique Brass Prismatic Pendant Light

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The Hollen Acorn industrial ceiling light is modest in size yet bursting with elegance and personality. It has a prismatic glass shade in the shape of an acorn capped with a solid brass cap designed to disperse light in the most illuminating way. This pendant light, whose design dates to the 1930s, looks impressive when hung in multiples, either in a row or grouped at different heights, perfect for illuminating halls and entranceways. With the beautiful light dispersion the rough-cut glass provides, it is adaptable to many interior styles, and various moods may be achieved by utilising different coloured bulbs. Perfect for any residential or commercial home, this antique brass ceiling light was designed in London and manufactured by a select group of skilled artisans in Cornwall. We provide a two-year guarantee with the antique brass prismatic pendant light.

We provide bulbs separately, which are available here.


Brass & Glass

Shipping & Returns

2-4 Business Days
Guarantee | 2 Years


Width | 170mm
Height | 250mm
Fitment Type | E14

Care Instructions

We prefer that materials age gracefully rather than polish them. That is, however, our personal preference. To eliminate discoloration, use a polish made exclusively for brass, such as Brasso. Use a gentle cleaning cloth to apply it according to the directions on the bottle (Our preference is a knit-cotton material). Wash the brass with warm water and mild dish soap before beginning to polish it. Apply the soapy water with a soft, moist cloth and clean it until all debris and dust is gone.

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