Bilden has curated some of the finest homeware designers in the UK. We are bringing them together in one place for the first time. To achieve the quality we promise, many of our products are made to order and manufactured in a mixture of established brand’s factories and local workshops. The result is that many of our products have differentiating lead times. Please refer to a products specific page to discover lead and delivery times. If there are any products you require sooner, please feel free to reach out to us directly via our chat box.

1. We will deliver the Goods, to the delivery Location by the time or within the agreed period or, failing any agreement, without undue delay and, in any event, not more than the agreed timeline entered into at the point of sale after the day on which the Contract is entered into or no longer than 30 days from the agreed date.
2. In any case, regardless of events beyond our control, if we do not deliver the Goods on time, you can (in addition to any other remedies) treat the Contract at an end if: 

a. we have refused to deliver the Goods, or if delivery on time is essential taking into account all the relevant circumstances at the time the Contract was made, or you said to us before the Contract was made that delivery on time was essential; or
b. after we have failed to deliver on time, you have specified a later period which is appropriate to the circumstances and we have not delivered within that period.
3. If you treat the Contract at an end, we will (in addition to other remedies) promptly return all payments made under the purpose of the contract.