Knurled door hardware scattered on a wooden table

Knurled, Hammered & Reeded Hardware

Bilden Home & Hardware Market are proud to offer a stunning range of high-quality hardware with hammered, reeded, and knurled finishes. We believe that hardware is the finishing touch that can elevate any interior's overall look and feel, whether that might be someone's residence, a boutique hotel or a hospitality environment. Our sophisticated range of cupboard knobs, door pulls, cupboard handles, cabinet handles, and door hardware are designed to highlight areas of an often overlooked interior.

The hammered effect on brass has been used for centuries to add texture and depth to metalwork. This technique is achieved by carefully striking the metal surface to create a textured, dimpled finish. The result is a beautiful, rustic appearance that adds character to any piece of hardware. Our Hammered Horizontal Oval Cupboard Knob is a perfect example of this design technique. Its shield-like shape and hammered face add an eye-catching element to your cabinets.

Reeded patterns on hardware have been used in metalwork since the early 19th century. They were originally used to create grip on items such as cutlery and pens but later became synonymous in hardware design. We offer multiple options on Cupboard Knobs with reeded finishes with ring on the edge of the disc-shaped knob face, leading down a stem reaching a lightly ringed foot, showcasing this technique beautifully. This knob is available in various finishes and diameters, making it a versatile option for any room.

Knurling is a decorative technique that impresses a pattern into the metal to create a textured surface. This technique was popular in the Victorian era and was often used to design hardware such as door handles and cabinet knobs. Our Knurled Cupboard Knob is a stunning example of this design technique. Its solid brass knurled circular knob on a pedestal adds texture and elegance to your cabinets.

In terms of the benefits of these finishes, hammered hardware adds a rustic touch to any room, reeded finishes create grip for ease of use, and knurled finishes add texture and elegance. Each finish is crafted from solid brass and available in a range of stunning finishes, such as antique brass, polished chrome, and satin nickel. 

We pride ourselves on offering high-quality hardware that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We believe that the finishing touch is just as important as the overall design, and our sophisticated range of hardware reflects this belief. Our cupboard knobs, door pulls, cupboard handles, cabinet handles, and door hardware are designed to last and withstand the test of time, and we believe brass gets better with age.

Whether you're looking for a hammered finish for a rustic touch, a reeded finish for ease of use, or a knurled finish for texture and elegance, we have the perfect hardware. Please browse our range today and elevate your interior.

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