Bathroom wall light with etched glass and a polished brass finish

A Guide To Installing Bathroom Wall Lights

Bathroom wall lights are crucial in providing adequate lighting and creating a comfortable atmosphere in your bathroom. Whether you are using them at home or in a commercial setting like a hotel, here are some tips to ensure their effective use:

Bathroom wall lighting for home use:

Placement: Install the wall lights near the mirror to minimize shadows on your face, making tasks like shaving and applying makeup easier.

Brightness: Opt for wall lights with adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to control the light intensity based on your needs and preferences. You can incorporate dimming light switches to help you achieve this.

Energy Efficiency: Choose LED wall lights as they are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, saving you energy and money.

Safety: Ensure the bathroom wall lights are specifically designed for bathroom use, meaning they are resistant to moisture and water splashes, reducing the risk of accidents. We recommend using lights that have an IP rating of IP40 and above.

Switch Placement: Consider installing a separate switch for the wall lights, allowing you to control them independently from other bathroom lighting for added convenience. Using 2-way switches will enable you to control singular lights using multiple light switches.

Commercial Environments:

Uniformity: Install bathroom wall lights strategically to provide even illumination throughout the bathroom space, avoiding any dark or poorly lit areas.

Accessibility: Place switches for the wall lights in convenient and accessible locations within the hotel bathrooms, making it easy for guests to use them. Placing 2-way light switches inside and outside bathrooms allows you to control lighting from different room areas.

Maintenance: Regularly inspect and replace bulbs or fixtures to maintain a pleasant and well-lit atmosphere for hotel guests.

Style: Select wall lights that complement the overall design and ambience of the hotel's bathroom decor, enhancing the aesthetic appeal. We have a variety of styles, from art deco wall lights to rustic antique brass finishes. 

Motion Sensors: Use motion sensor-activated wall lights in hotel bathrooms for convenience and energy savings.

Safety Precautions:

Water Resistance: Always ensure that the bathroom wall lights have the appropriate IP (Ingress Protection) rating to ensure they are safe for use in wet environments.

Professional Installation: If you are uncertain about electrical work, it is advisable to hire a professional to install the wall lights in both home and commercial settings to avoid potential hazards.

Regular Cleaning: Clean the wall lights regularly to remove dust and grime, which can diminish their brightness and appearance, maintaining their effectiveness.

In conclusion, with proper placement, maintenance, and consideration of safety measures, bathroom wall lights can significantly enhance your bathroom experience at home and in commercial spaces like hotels. Follow these simple tips to enjoy a well-lit and inviting bathroom ambience.

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