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How To Style Tiles In Your Bathroom

When redesigning your bathroom, you'll need to choose which elements to highlight and which to let fade in the background. There are many ways to use tiles to create a sophisticated impression, whether in a large family bathroom or an en-suite. Many innovative possibilities are available, including glazed tiles and mosaic patterns; we've highlighted a few here.

Choose the wall you want to be the focal point of first. Using feature walls in your bathroom may bring attention to a particular area, highlight it, and create a focal point. You may use them to develop themes, emotions, and even illusions. Use various tile designs in inventive ways. In addition to plain tiles, patterned tiles are another choice that may bring interest to your walls while still blending in with other parts of the area, like your flooring or furniture.

Yellow wall tiles
You can overlay the tiles in your bathroom with a bold colour to make them stand out. This will look best when you choose a tile with interesting patterns or a rectangular tile to cultivate a traditional aesthetic.

Using patterned tiles is another way to make the most of your bathroom's space, as they break up the monotony whilst creating a talking point. You can have different coloured grouting between your wall tiles if you prefer something more adventurous and contemporary.

For a minimalist look, you can use plain white or pearl tiles to create an eye-catching contrast with your wall colour. For example, if you paint the wall a deep navy, choose white or off-white glazed tiles to contrast and make a feature of usually a minimal aesthetic. If you want to add some interest to this style of bathroom design, try combining plain glazed tiles with one that has a pattern on it – perhaps something like an off-white colourway with black grouting. Alternatively, consider using two different shades of tile: one with a contrasting colour for the floor or ceiling (or both).

Due to their versatility, mosaics are an excellent choice for your accent wall. Use solid colours and add contrasting colours around them, or use multiple smaller tiles to construct a mosaic. Mosiac tiles offer a perfect opportunity to be daring with your choices because mosaics can look fantastic with patterns. If you're looking for a way to add a pop of colour to your bathroom, mosaic tiles are an excellent choice. You can use small mosaic tiles to create a pattern on the wall or incorporate them into your shower and bath area. For example, choose a large-scale mosaic tile design that includes smaller ones to create borders around your bath or shower. Alternatively, put together small tile pieces in different colours and shapes to create exciting wall patterns. The possibilities are endless for creating unique designs with these versatile elements.

Stone and marble effect porcelain tiles are a great way to add traditional elegance to your bathroom. They're available in many colours, so you can choose the one that best complements your decor and personal style. Stone and marble effect porcelain tiles are also durable, making them ideal for high-traffic areas like bathrooms. Using floor tiles, you may also mix up the colours, creating a chequerboard effect.

With suitable tiles, you can define your interior design aesthetic. You'll want to choose a combination of tiles with similarities and differences. For example, use tiles in different sizes and colours (like blue and white or red and black), choose two different styles (like hexagon-shaped tiles with large grey stone borders) and Create a pattern using different types of tile (using small mosaic stones). If you're looking for inspiration, don't be afraid to experiment with different colour combinations. Remember that the main rules are to create a balanced look and use tiles in a way that makes sense for your bathroom.

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