Perfectly laid table with floral decorations

How To Set The Perfect Table

A beautifully set table is the perfect way to make your guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Whether you're hosting a holiday dinner party or a casual gathering, laying a proper table will show your guests that you're attentive to detail and care about their dining experience. Not sure where to start? This guide covers everything from choosing the right tableware to laying the table with finesse.

The first step in setting a beautiful table is choosing the right tableware. Consider both function and form when selecting plates, cups, and silverware. Will your guests be seated at a long table or a round one? Eating family-style or individually? What kind of mood are you trying to create with your tablescape? Answering these questions will help you narrow down your options and choose pieces that complement your food and décor.

If you're having trouble deciding what direction to go, consider opting for something more traditional: Burleigh Pottery's work, which was established in 1851, produces handmade ceramics. They pair well with any food and style of décor due to the timeless classicism of their design. Their patterns always look clean and elegant—even if your dinner party is a more casual occasion. Making them an ideal choice for any event.

Once you've selected your tableware, it's time to start laying the table. Begin by placing a placemat or charger plate in front of each guest's seat. Next, centre a dinner plate on top of the placemat. Then, arrange the salad fork, dinner fork, and knife in order from left to right on each place setting. Finish by placing the dessert spoon and fork above the dinner plate, again arranged from left to right. Place any other necessary utensils—soup spoons or steak knives—to the right of the dessert forks.

As for glassware, water glasses should go directly above the knives on each place setting, while wine glasses should go above the water glasses. If you're serving coffee or tea, put out cups and saucers after guests have finished their main course. Last but not least, don't forget the napkins. Fold them into thirds or fourths and place them either on top of the dinner plate or to the left of the forks.

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Creating a beautiful tablescape help elevate any dining occasion, especially when you have all the right supplies. By following these simple tips, you can lay a stunning table that will impress your guests when you host your next dinner party.

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