Mullan Lighting factory manufacturing lighting in their factory

Exploring The Manufacturing Process of Our Bespoke Lighting Offering

We are exploring the manufacturing process of our Bespoke lighting offering. We take a look behind the scenes at the Mullan Lighting factory. 

Manufactured in the remote village of Mullan on the border with Northern Island and based in an old shoe factory. Once a bustling rural centre, the Mullan shoe factory lay empty for 25 years, falling into disrepair. In 2008 Design Director and trained Architect Mike Treanor established Mullan lighting, bringing life back to the factory and the village. Mike drew on his design influences whilst travelling the globe, culminating in beautifully hand-crafted luminaires for the world to enjoy. 

Mullan currently exports to all corners of the globe, having a diverse assortment of high-profile clients, including celebrities, and noted international brands, including Google, Hilton and even the Royal Family.

Mullan’s comprehensive in-house lighting design and manufacturing facilities give our customers the creative freedom to make their interior and exterior lighting designs unique. We can customise and produce bespoke lighting tailored to any requirements. Our offering comprises industrial-style factory lighting that provides a utilitarian feel to an interior or outdoor space. We are particularly excited about our steel and ceramic pendant lighting, creating a chic, playful sensitivity in kitchens. We can provide high quantities for commercial spaces and have experience fitting hotels, bars, restaurants and retail stores across the globe. 

All our lighting designs are fully customisable in terms of colour, size, and suspension length, suiting any kitchen, bedroom, garden or living space. We also offer a completely bespoke lighting service and a turnaround time to meet any project deadline. In addition to the in-house manufacturing capabilities, Mullan has a network of international supply partners where we can source any required product to meet any budget.

Mullan Lighting has an ever-expanding team of lighting designers and craftspeople creating beautiful pieces for various discerning customers. From bulbs and suspensions to more intricate fixtures and bespoke shades, Mullan can provide design solutions for any lighting need. 

We provide the best lighting solutions for any interior or exterior. 

Discover our unique range of decorative outdoor lighting, including outdoor wall lights, outdoor pendant lights and outdoor ceiling lights. Equally suitable for a home, restaurant, cafe or pub lighting, they have been used to create many relaxing outdoor environments. Our outdoor lights are manufactured in Ireland, are moisture resistant, and have IP ratings over 40. The IP rating is a two-digit number used for electronic products explaining to us what protection they provide against outdoor elements. The first digit represents protection against solid objects, while the second digit represents protection against water. The larger the value of each digit, the greater the protection. We recommend only using lighting outdoors with an IP rating greater than 40. Our outdoor lighting enjoys an industrial aesthetic with many designs inspired by old factory lighting or those used in a nautical setting like the deck of a boat. 

Regarding kitchen lighting, we recommend a pendant light, equally stylish when used over a kitchen island or in the centre of a room. We have customisable cable lengths enabling any style to fit into any space and a choice of colours. We also provide all of our styles as kitchen ceiling lights.

We recommend a bedside wall light in the bedroom to create a calming ambience. A low-hanging flexible bedside light lets you slowly turndown before bed and doubles as a hand-reading light. 

We love to add symmetry to a bathroom, so we provide multiple styles of bathroom lights that can be placed on either side of a vanity mirror, creating a vanity light. Having wall lights in a bath creates a calming ambience and can be used to highlight specific areas of a room. 

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