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Behind The Scenes with The Poured Project

We enter behind the scenes at The Poured Project's inspiring Yorkshire workshop and learn more about the thoughtful work that goes into the designs behind their concrete basins. Recognised for its utilitarian and playful concrete basins, their family-run, Yorkshire-based studio produces remarkable concrete pieces for home and commercial interiors. Andy Pedley, a British furniture maker with years of expertise in restoration and bespoke design, founded it. The Poured Project is the shared passion of a small team of experts in concrete production led by Andy & Claire Pedley. Concrete can be formed into any shape and is highly versatile and durable. It has a natural beauty close to genuine stone. The opportunities for customised design are virtually limitless, given the experience, Andy can pass on to his team. These talented artisans have turned concrete construction into art by employing the highest-quality materials obtained from local vendors. They use this durable material to build everything from dramatic wall coverings and freestanding bathtubs to sculptural basins.

Bilden: What first attracted you to working with concrete and developing your range of concrete basins, and how did that lead you to create your first range?

The Poured Project: Andy's background is as an antique restorer. He also has excellent knowledge of other materials. He was working for the owner of Bert & May when he asked Andy if he could make a concrete basin for him. Andy spent some time researching concrete before hand-turning our 1st basin, the round basin. We later brought out the Rectangular basin, kitchen sinks, and Ark basin. Andy has various designs that he has worked on for future releases.

B: What initially inspired you to start your brand?

TPP: Initially, Andy was a Sole Trader when we 1st started as Pedley Basins. We decided to bring out The Poured Project Ltd in March 2018 as Andy had too much work to keep up with by himself.

B: Did it come naturally to you, or was there training you needed to hone your craft? What is your background, and was there any crossover between the industry you worked in before launching The Poured Project?

TPP: The research for the product & material took roughly six months before Andy was confident in releasing it as a product to buy. During that time, he was still self-employed, making bespoke handmade furniture. During this time, we were foster carers, enabling me to assist Andy with the paperwork side of the business.

The Poured Projects Concrete Freestanding Basin
B: Are other bathroom manufacturers or artisans using similar materials that you consider your peers? Do you find there is a community among other brands?

TPP: We were only aware of one other company at the time, Kast Concrete. We have seen a considerable increase in makers since the lockdown. It is a small industry, so there are similarities in designs. We have tried to avoid creating pieces that are identical to other makers. The industry has a community, but it varies from person to person, business to business. We have worked with people in the same industry, which has involved collaborating with or recommending others if we cannot complete projects with short lead times.

B: Can you talk us through the process from idea through to design and realisation?

TPP: All ideas are initially started as a quick sketch. We work with different materials depending on the design stage of our products. Andy oversees these designs, all created in our backyard from start to finish! Initially, we used MDF to create the formwork for the required basin. This formwork is hand turned, and the process never fails to mesmerise me. Once complete, Andy then uses this formwork to create a mould made from rubber. We then pour our unique concrete mix into the mould and leave it to cure for several days. Finally, we apply lacquer to seal the finished product.

Rectangular Concrete Basin
B: Do you have a picture in mind of a design before you start? Is there a silhouette you are trying to achieve, or is it entirely organic?

TPP: Andy designs and creates all our products from scratch. He has a keen eye for design and always knows exactly what he wants to achieve. Our range is totally original and based on our likes and preferences.

B: How would you define your aesthetic?

TPP: Our products are modern, unique, sleek and incredibly stylish!

B: Do you need to be in a particular frame of mind when coming up with new designs or lines for The Poured Project?

TPP: Inspiration for new designs can come at any time, but when the work day is officially over, and all has gone quiet, Andy often sits in his workshop until the early hours and comes up with many new designs and new products.

B: Where do you bring your creations to life? Do you have a workshop?

TPP: We are fortunate enough to have a rather large garden to the rear of our residential property. This space easily accommodates several ample-sized workshops, each serving a different purpose. Andy regularly works until the early morning hours, which seems to be the best time for him to find the inspiration to come up with new ideas and designs. He first sketches out his thoughts using a pencil and paper and then gradually brings that idea to life by creating formwork from MDF. This allows him to make the rubber mould that is poured into a unique concrete mix. We create every product from scratch.

B: Do you have a favourite product to make?

TPP: We love every product we create and never fail to be wowed by what we have created. With each product having its individuality we couldn't choose a favourite.

B: Do you have a picture of where each basin will be used, or do you leave it to the customer to decide?

TPP: We receive images and plans from clients of the space they want to fill. This is especially true when we receive enquiries from architects and designers. We also welcome questions from clients who send us odd tiles, paint charts or wallpaper samples, with a view to us either colour matching or advising on a suitable match to our standard range. It is a bit of a mix, and our clients mainly approach us knowing what they want and are happy to place an order after viewing the range we display on our website.

B: You use very geometric shapes. What informed that?

TPP: Our range of products looks very modern and sleek. We've always loved the clean lines and simplicity that each pour gives us and feel that this allows us to showcase the beauty of concrete itself. We initially conducted our market research and took onboard feedback from retailers who all loved our range. We still to this day love our original designs and will continue to produce each one of them. However, we are developing more designs that are far more intricate and traditional, so definitely something to look out for soon!

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