Martini glass with a dirty martini inside

6 Types of Glasses You Need for Your Home Bar

You'll need the correct glasses if you're serious about your home bar. They not only make your cocktails look inviting but also impact the flavour and scent of your beverages. Here are six different types of glasses you'll need to improve your bartending skills.

Highball Glasses
The highball glass is a tall, thin glass ideal for mixed cocktails such as the classic gin and tonic or a dark & stormy. It's a versatile glass that's also perfect for serving water or beer.

Martini Glass
The iconic cocktail is synonymous with James Bond. The Martini Glass is almost as well-known as 007 himself. Bilden offers a contemporary twist on the traditional Martini glass, with a delicate stem and flat levelling foot, meant to be used in a more informal atmosphere inspired by local eateries and casual dining. The Borough Martini Glass comes in a set of four and has curving bowls and delicate, straight stems. They're crafted of lead-free crystalline glass for clarity and robustness, and they're perfect for small cocktails like Manhattans, Gimlets, and Martinis. With a curving futuristic bowl and sumptuous delicate walls. The tender, straight stems exude the sophistication of a Martini glass. Design and technology work together to complement and reproduce artisanal processes, resulting in cold-cut and fire-polished rims and beautifully drawn stems. The glass's quality ensures a high degree of flexibility, durability, luminosity and clarity.

Rocks Glasses
A rocks glass, also known as a tumbler, is a short, broad glass ideal for pouring whiskey "on the rocks." These glasses are also ideal for presenting short cocktails such as a negroni or a Boulevardier. Small tumblers are excellent substitutes for rocks glasses if you don't have any. The Gio Tumbler comes highly recommended. The Gio Tumbler has thin walls and is a low glass. These tumblers are stackable and dishwasher-safe, making them flexible and functional. A multifunctional glass that may be used for cocktails or wine and a serving dish for olives, nuts, and sweets to accompany your cocktail evening.

Champagne Coupe Glasses
A champagne coupe glass is a traditional cocktail glass with a broad bowl and a narrow rim. It's perfect for cocktails like the French 75 or the Kir Royale. With slender stems and flat, level-planed feet, the Borough Cocktail Saucer is a contemporary spin on an iconic design. A modern silhouette inspired by the relaxed atmosphere of casual eating and socialising. Available as a set of four cocktail saucers with large, flared bowls and delicate, straight stalks. It is composed of lead-free crystalline glass for purity and durability. The glass's exceptional quality provides flexibility, durability, brilliance, and clarity—the ideal vessel for a crowd-pleasing espresso martini and presenting champagne to arriving guests.

Port Glasses
A port glass is a small, narrow glass used to serve fortified wines like port and Madeira. These glasses are also great for serving dessert wines and liqueurs.

Whether hosting a dinner party or having friends over for drinks, having the right glasses on hand can make all the difference. With these six types of glasses in your arsenal, from Martini glasses to champagne coupes, you'll be able to mix up any cocktail imaginable.

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